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Advanced Camera Solving in PFTrack 2017

In this course we will see how to work with a complex shot that involves not only a hand-held shot, but also a crash zoom in the middle of the shot. We will see how to use PFTrack and how to set the Camera Solve node properly.

  • Figuring out the Focal Length.

    In this video we will see how to start our project and we will also inspect the footage that is not only a hand-held camera, but it also has a zoom in it. Play the preview video

  • Tracking the footage with Auto and User tracks.

    Now we are going to track the footage. We will first track with the Autotrack and then we will add some user tracks. Play the preview video

  • Solving the camera with the proper settings.

    Since our footage has a zoom as well we will have to make sure to set the camera solver node properly. Play the preview video

  • Orienting and Exporting.

    Now that our camera is solved and it also has a dynamic focal length, we can export and we will export the Maya file and the undistorted footage. Play the preview video

  • Set Fitting in Maya.

    In this video we will open the exported files in Maya and we’ll work on the set fitting process. Play the preview video

  • Layout process.

    In this last video we will see how to take the set fitted Maay scene and run it through a simple layout process. Play the preview video

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