How Marvel Studios Even Kept Infinity War’s Secrets Hidden From The Film’s VFX Teams

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How Marvel Studios Even Kept Infinity War’s Secrets Hidden From The Film’s VFX Teams –

One of the biggest themes discussed in the lead up to Avengers: Infinity War opening in theaters was secrecy. With so much happening and so many people being involved, the threat of spoilers leaking out was at an all-time high. Luckily for those that hate their stories being spoiled, the Russo Brothers, in conjunction with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, did an excellent job of keeping things under wraps throughout the process.



We’ve heard the stories about the lengths the team behind Infinity War went to keep everyone in the dark about what was happening in the film during filming, going as far as giving certain actors fake scripts and scripts with different parts redacted. They also didn’t tell the cast about the final scene, where the majority of the heroes disintegrated into thin air, until the day of shooting, but one question that nobody thought to ask is about the secrecy during post-production. It isn’t just the actors that can give a spoiler away during interviews. With the Internet always being in play, anyone with inside knowledge can leak information. How did they keep the VFX artists and post-production editors from having too much info?



In a Screen Rant interview, Avengers: Infinity War visual effects supervisor Dan DeLeeuw has revealed Marvel Studios’ strategy:

“For the secrecy component of it, when we would work with the different special effects vendors, basically […] we’d do it based on sequences. So each vendor would know what happens in their sequences, but not necessarily what would happen in someone else’s sequence.”


Deleeuw was also able to oversee how each vendor was working in conjunction with each other so he was able to keep enough information away from each as to not give away the entire storyline:

“Frame Store, they knew what would happen in the Battle of New York with Spidey and Ruffalo and Iron Man and Maw and Cull Obsidian, but they didn’t really know what happens outside of that because it’s on a need to know basis, I guess. But then a company like Digital Domain, they had done Vormir, so they definitely knew what was happening with Gamora on Vormir, and they then did the bit with Thor at the end.”


Speaking of VFX, check out this breakdown of the New York scene!



It’s amazing to see just how much work went into creating this film, and the more we find out, the crazier it seems. Will they be able to keep us all in the dark like this when it comes time for Avengers 4? Let’s hope so!


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