Object Tracking In PFTrack

Hi !

Welcome to your FREE Object Tracking In PFTrack tutorial.

My name is Michael Raphaelovich and I will be your tutor for today.

In the next 7 videos I’ll be showing you how to take a shot that has a moving object and a static camera and we’ll see how to treat such a shot in PFTrack. Some of you might already be familiar with PFTrack and some of you might be looking at PFTrack for the first time. Either way this course has been created for anyone who is interested in the basics of Object Tracking In PFTrack, so let’s jump into PFTrack and set a new project with the provided footage.

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Here are your Resources for this course:

Exported Maya files for those that have only the PLE version of PFTrack:
Click Here To Download
The footage for the free object tracking course:

Click Here To Download


Good luck and hope you enjoy it!